Nielsen J. van Duijn is a social entrepreneur. An artist, inventor, architect, green developer, builder, and a creative visionary. He invented the eMoniter, a home energy monitoring system, and is the co-founder of Power House Dynamics.  He created Pond House Trail, a green development of magnificent architectural designed homes on the coast of Maine. And has designed and built homes in Connecticut.

Nielsen was sighted on Bloombergs Business Week as one of the top 10 innovators for 2010.

Nielsen spent his school years traveling extensively through Europe, Ecuador, and the Caribbean Islands. He earned his living in the 1990’s with a design-build business in Westport Connecticut. He later studied Architecture at Yale University. Nielsen is a completely self-made man. He has listened to his heart and allowed it to guide him to all the right places.

Nielsen spends most of his waking hours meditating, creating, inventing, studying philosophy, working on various projects (which include restoring  boats, and old Mercedes Benz cars) and doing art work with his children.

Together with his wife Christina Montano, he shares a passion for sail-voyaging, art, education, and travel. They have 4 children, a bunch of pets, and live in a house they renovated together. They spend their waking hours in a state of flow… creating new ideas, products and life styles.

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